Benchmarks of the SCORES™ brand include trend-setting design, gourmet cuisine,  innovative marketing strategies, a commitment to offering an unparalleled show spectacle—and, of course—the most beautiful entertainers in the world. SCORES™ aims to create a sense of exclusivity while remaining a popular phenomenon, catering to professionals, tourist, jet setters and the elite.

Benefits of Becoming a SCORES™ Licensee

As a select member of the SCORES™ team, your club will benefit from the following:

  • Unparalleled global name recognition
  • Powerhouse Marketing, PR and Promotional Strategies
  • A network of the most beautiful Entertainers in the world
  • SCORES™ Boot Camp, our exclusive Hospitality Training
  • Program Mixology expertise
  • Innovative System Implementation
  • Grand Opening

Additional Resources

As a SCORES™ team, you will have the following additional resources at your disposal:

  • Media Buys
  • Web Strategy & Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Audio Visual Consulting
  • In House Marketing & Operational Support
  • Revenue Maximization for Unsurpassed Profits